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Unformatted text preview: ce niches and co mpete with third parties that are reliant o n the Twitter eco system. Twitter also go t a bo o st when Apple deeply embedded Twitter into iOS 5. Users o f the mo re than two hundred millio n Apple mo bile devices gain a new o ne-butto n o ptio n to tweet pho to s, Web links, video s, map lo catio ns, and mo re. And the iOS will make Twitter easy to embed in o ther apps, to o . Users can link a Twitter acco unt used o n their iOS devices to o ther apps, which means no need to lo g in o r manually add an acco unt each time yo u add an app that yo u’ll want to tweet f ro m. While no t directly tied to Twitter revenue, these f eatures have the po tential to enco urage Twitter ado ptio n and decrease f rictio n f o r embedding a tweet butto n into even mo re applicatio ns, o f f ering a key alliance that bro adens Twitter’s distributio n and utility and making it even harder f o r rivals to displace. Micro blo gging do es appear to be here to stay, and the impact o f Twitter ha...
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