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Unformatted text preview: et, mo nito r a wide variety o f so cial media mentio ns, pro vide metrics f o r o ngo ing campaigns and practices, and gauge sentiment and spo t o ppo rtunities f o r sales leads o r custo mer service. Figure 7. 7 Tools , s uch as t hos e p rovided by H ubSp ot (dep ict ed here), t rack s ocial media ment ions by key word or p hras e. Savvy organizat ions can mine comment s for comp et it ive int elligence, ins ight , and p roduct ideas or t o coordinat e follow­up and t hought ful cus t omer s ervice. Facebo o k pro vides a summary o f page activity to administrato rs (including stats o n visits, new f ans, wall po sts, etc.), while Facebo o k’s Insights to o l measures user expo sure, actio ns, and respo nse behavio r relating to a f irm’s Facebo o k pages and ads. and many o ther URL-sho rtening services allo w f irms to track Twitter ref erences to a particular page. Since applies the same sho rtened URL to all tweets po inting to a page, it allo ws f irms to f o llo w no t o nly if a campaign has been spread...
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