Chapter 7

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Unformatted text preview: al Netwo rks: Execs Use Them To o ,” BusinessWeek, No vember 11, 2006. Maintaining such netwo rks will be critical in industries like IT and health care that are likely to be plagued by wo rker sho rtages f o r years to co me. So cial netwo rking can also be impo rtant f o r o rganizatio ns like IBM, where so me 42 percent o f emplo yees regularly wo rk f ro m ho me o r client lo catio ns. IBM’s so cial netwo rk makes it easier to lo cate emplo yee expertise within the f irm, o rganize virtual wo rk gro ups, and co mmunicate acro ss large distances.W. Bulkley, “P laying Well with Others,” Wall Street Jo urnal, June 18, 2007. As a dialo gue catalyst, a so cial netwo rk transf o rms the public directo ry into a f o nt o f kno wledge sharing that pro mo tes o rganizatio n f lattening and value-adding expertise sharing. While IBM has develo ped their o wn so cial netwo rk platf o rms, f irms are increasingly turning to third-party vendo rs like SelectMinds (ado pted by Delo itte, Do w Chemical, and Go ldman Sachs)...
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