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Unformatted text preview: te Pla tforms orga niza tions, a nd individua ls Ni n g So cial Netwo rk Key Uses: Discover a nd reinforce Messa ging a nd Lith ium a ffilia tions; identify ex perts; messa ge public SelectMinds individua ls or groups; vira lly sh a re media . discussions LiveWorld Media sh a ring IBM/Lotus “Feeds” of Connections recent a ctivity Sa lesforce. com a mong Socia ltex t members 1 40-ch a ra cter messa ges sent a nd received Short, asynchronous messaging system. Users send messages to “followers” who aren’t required to follow back. Key Uses: distribute time-sensitive Micro b lo ggin g informa tion, sh a re opinions, vira lly sprea d idea s, run contests a nd promotions, solicit feedba ck, provide customer support, tra ck commenta ry on firms/products/issues, orga nize protests. from mobile device Open/Public Tw itter Ability to respond publicly or priva tely Ca n specify ta gs to cla ssify discussion topics for ea sy sea rch ing a nd building Priva te Pla tforms Socia ltex t Signa ls Ya mmer Sa lesforce. com (Ch a tter) comment th rea ds Follow er lists K E Y TAK E AWAYS A new generation of I nternet a...
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