Virtualworlds in virt ual worlds users appear in a co

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Unformatted text preview: sical lo catio n as determined by yo ur pho ne’s global posit ioning syst em (GPS), triangulatio n f ro m nearby cell pho ne to wers, o r pro ximity to neighbo ring Wi-Fi ho tspo ts. This intro duces a who le new way to gather and share inf o rmatio n. In a new part o f to wn and curio us what f o lks are saying abo ut the spo t? Search f o r tweets tagged as being po sted aro und that lo catio n. Augment ed­realit y apps can o verlay real data o n to p o f images f ro m a GP S and co mpassequipped smartpho ne. Swivel yo ur iP ho ne aro und with Stella Arto is’s Bar Finder app o pen, and it’ll po int yo u to the nearest Stella-equipped watering ho le (it’ll also let yo u text yo ur f riends to jo in yo u f o r a drink and call a cab f o r a saf e ride ho me). Wikitude o verlays images appearing thro ugh yo ur pho ne’s camera lens with geo tagged data f ro m Wikipedia. P o int yo ur Yelp app do wn the street and activate the mo no cle f eature to see starred reviews ho ver o ver the to p o f establishments that appear o n screen. Bo sto n-based SCVNGR (pro no unced “scavenger”), a gaming app, has allo wed o ver o ne tho usand clients, including P rinceto n, MetLif e, and...
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