What wo uld yo u do cnn no vember 4 2009 the example

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Unformatted text preview: nities to f o ster brainsto rming and custo mer engagement. Dell’s IdeaSto rm.co m f o rum co llects user f eedback and is credited with pro mpting line o f f erings, such as the f irm’s intro ductio n o f a Linux-based lapto p.D. Greenf ield, “Ho w Co mpanies Are Using I.T. to Spo t Inno vative Ideas,” Info rmatio nWeek, No vember 8, 2008. At MyStarbucksIdea.co m, the co f f ee giant has leveraged user input to launch a series o f inno vatio ns ranging f ro m splash sticks that prevent spills in to -go cups, to new menu items. Bo th IdeaSto rm and MyStarbucksIdea run o n a platf o rm o f f ered by Salesf o rce.co m that no t o nly ho sts these sites but also pro vides integratio n into Facebo o k and o ther services. Starbucks (the co rpo rate brand with the mo st Facebo o k “f ans”) has extensively leveraged the site, using Facebo o k as a linchpin in the “Free P astry Day” pro mo tio n (credited with generating o ne millio n in-sto re visits in a single day) and pro mo tio n o f the f irm’s AIDS-related (Starbucks) RED campaign, which garnered an asto nishing three hundred ninety millio n “viral impressi...
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