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Unformatted text preview: ppo rt these initial claims, a decisio n was arrived at in mo nths, whereas previo us ef f o rts to marshal researchers and reso urces to f o cus o n the relatively rare disease wo uld have taken many years, even if f unding co uld be f o und.J. Kane, R. Fichman, J. Gallaugher, and J. Glaser, “Co mmunity Relatio ns 2.0,” Harv ard Business Rev iew , No vember 2 0 0 9. Bo th Sermo and P atientsLikeMe are start-ups that are still explo ring the best way to f und their ef f o rts f o r gro wth and impact. Regardless o f where these f irms end up, it sho uld be clear f ro m these examples that so cial media will remain a po werf ul f o rce o n the health care landscape. K E Y TAK E AWAYS Electronic social networks help individuals maintain contacts, discover and engage people with common interests, share updates, and organiz e as groups. Modern social networks are major messaging services, supporting private one‐to‐one notes, public postings, and broadcast updates or “feeds. ” Social networks also raise some of the strongest privacy concerns, as status updat...
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