When ingerso ll rand f ailed to react the blo go

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Unformatted text preview: agement, issues to co nsider when develo ping co rpo rate so cial media po licy, and examples o f ef f ective and po o r so cial media use are co vered in Sectio n 7.9 "Get SMART: The So cial Media Awareness and Respo nse Team". The Power of the Blogosphere Organized blo ggers have o f ten banded to gether as a po werf ul vo ice f o r change, leading the charge, f o r example, f o r news ancho r Dan Rather’s resignatio n. Others have helped an o therwise silent market vo ice be heard, such as when blo ggers pro mpted the design o f new insulin pumps. While no t all blo go sphere co mmentary deserves a respo nse, f irms igno re so cial media at their o wn peril! Fo r an example o f this, co nsider the f lare-up Ingerso ll Rand f aced when the blo gging co mmunity expo sed a design f law in its Krypto nite bike lo ck. Online po sts and a video demo nstrated that the thick metal lo ck co uld be bro ken with a simple ball-po int pen. When Ingerso ll Rand f ailed to react, the blo go sphere erupted with criticism. Just days af ter o nline...
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