When techno lo gy mo ves that quickly even so me o f

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Unformatted text preview: and link sharing Ofoto → Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter instant messaging → Twitter and Facebook Monster. com → LinkedI n RealNetworks → YouTube YellowPages. com → Yelp Travelocity → TripAdvisor Vonage → Skype Millio ns o f users, billio ns o f do llars, huge so cial impact, and mo st o f these ef f o rts grew to inf luence millio ns in less time than it takes the average f reshman to co mplete co llege. When techno lo gy mo ves that quickly, even so me o f the wo rld’s mo st preeminent tho ught leaders can be sideswiped. Co nsider that when management guru Michael P o rter wro te a piece titled “Strategy and the Internet” at the end o f the do t-co m bubble, he lamented the high co st o f building brand o nline, questio ned the po wer o f netwo rk ef f ects, and cast a skeptical eye o n ad-suppo rted revenue mo dels. Well, it turns o ut Web 2.0 ef f o rts challenged all o f these co ncerns. Amo ng the ef f o rts abo ve, all built brand o n the cheap with little co nventio nal advertising, and each o wes their hypergro wth and high valuatio n to their ability to harness the netwo rk ef f ect. T...
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