While a big brand like starbucks is o f ten a target

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Unformatted text preview: d the po sitive o r negative. But so cial media mo nito ring is abo ut mo re than abo ut managing o ne’s reputatio n; it also pro vides critical co mpetitive intelligence, it can surf ace custo mer suppo rt issues, and it can unco ver o ppo rtunities f o r inno vatio n and impro vement. Firms that are quick to lament the very public co nversatio ns abo ut their brands happening o nline need to embrace so cial media as an o ppo rtunity to learn mo re. Reso urces f o r mo nito ring so cial media are impro ving all the time, and a number o f to o ls are available f o r f ree. All f irms can take advantage o f Go o gle Alerts, which f lag blo g po sts, new Web pages, and o ther publicly accessible co ntent, regularly delivering a summary o f new links to yo ur mailbo x (f o r mo re o n using Go o gle f o r intelligence gathering, see Chapter 14 "Go o gle in Three P arts: Search, Online Advertising, and Beyo nd"). Twitter search and Twitter clients like TweetDeck can display all mentio ns o f a particular term. And mo re advanced co mmercial to o ls, such as Radian9, HubSpo t, and Co Twe...
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