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Unformatted text preview: issues within the o rganizatio n. Respo nsibility. Emplo yees need to take respo nsibility f o r their o nline actio ns. Firms must set explicit expectatio ns f o r disclo sure, co nf identiality and security, and pro vide examples o f engagement do ne right, as well as what is unacceptable. An ef f ective so cial vo ice is based o n trust, so accuracy, transparency, and acco untability must be emphasized. Co nsequences f o r vio latio ns sho uld be clear. Respect. Best Buy’s po licy f o r its Twelpf o rce explicitly states participants must “ho no r o ur dif f erences” and “act ethically and respo nsibly.” Many emplo yees can use the reminder. Sure custo mer service is a to ugh task and every rep has a sto ry abo ut an unreaso nable client. But there’s a dif f erence between letting o f f steam aro und the water co o ler and venting o nline. Virgin Atlantic f ired thirteen o f the airline’s staf f ers af ter they po sted passenger insults and inappro priate inside jo kes o n Facebo o k.L. Co nway, “Virgin Atlantic Sacks 13 Staf f f o r Calling Its Flyers ‘Chavs,’” The Independent, No vember 1, 2008. P o licies also need to have teeth. Re...
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