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Unformatted text preview: of crowds to provide insight, products, or ideas that can be far more accurate or valuable than those provided by a smaller group of professionals. Network effects play a leading role in enabling Web 2. 0 firms. Many of these services also rely on ad‐supported revenue models and open source software. QU E S TI ONS AND E XE RC I S E S 1. What distinguishes Web 2. 0 technologies and services from the prior generation of I nternet sites? 2. Several examples of rapidly rising Web 2. 0 efforts are listed in this section. Make your own list of Web 1. 0 and Web 2. 0 services and technologies. Would you invest in them? Why or why not? Are there cautionary tales of efforts that may not have lived up to their initial hype or promise? Why do you suppose they failed? 3. I n what ways do Web 2. 0 efforts challenge the assumptions that Michael Porter made regarding Strategy and the I nternet? 4. Trends in computing platforms and I nternet services change quickly. How have the firms profiled in the bullet points above fared? Has each increased in use, value, and impact or shrunk? Are there other efforts...
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