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Unformatted text preview: a blo g o r o ther ho sting server, then sends the RSS f eed to Apple (co pyrighted material canno t be used witho ut permissio n, with vio lato rs risking banishment f ro m iTunes). Files are disco vered in the search f eature o f the iTunes music sto re, and listings seamlessly co nnect the user with the server ho sting the po dcast. This path creates the illusio n that Apple serves the f ile even tho ugh it resides o n a publisher’s servers. While blo gs have made stars o f so me unkno wns, the mo st po pular po dcasts are f ro m mainstream media o utlets. A recent visit to the po dcasting sectio n o f iTunes sho wed that eight o f the to p ten mo st po pular po dcasts were high-quality pro ductio ns o f mainstream media pro grams, including o f f erings f ro m CBS, Co medy Central, NP R, and P BS. P o dcasts are also revo lutio nizing educatio n, with sco res o f universities “o pen so urcing” their classro o ms and o f f ering lectures f o r public co nsumptio n via Apple’s iTunesU. In c...
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