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Unformatted text preview: sible wikis that anyo ne can participate in, with examples ranging f ro m Wine Wiki f o r o eno philes to Wo o kieepedia, the Star Wars wiki. Wikis can also be used f o r any co llabo rative ef f o rt—f ro m meeting planning to pro ject management. And in additio n to the hundreds o f public wikis, there are many tho usand mo re that are hidden away behind f irewalls, used as pro prietary internal to o ls f o r o rganizatio nal co llabo ratio n. Many wikis also serve as kno wledge management systems that act as a so rt o f co llective co rpo rate memo ry that’s vital f o r sharing skills, learning, and preserving expertise even when emplo yees leave the f irm. Want to add to o r edit a wiki entry? On mo st sites yo u just click the “Edit” link. Wikis suppo rt wh at you see is wh at you get (WYSIWYG) editing that, while no t as ro bust as traditio nal wo rd pro cesso rs, is still easy eno ugh f o r mo st users to grasp witho ut training o r kno wledge o f arcane co de o r markup language. Users can make changes to existing co ntent and can easily create new pages o r a...
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