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Unformatted text preview: choice for anyone cultivating a following—authors, celebrities, organiz ations, and brand promoters. You don’t need to tweet to get value. Many Twitter users follow friends, firms, celebrities, and thought leaders, quickly gaining access to trending topics. Twitter hash tags (keywords preceded by the # character) are used to organiz e “tweets” on a given topic. Users can search on hash tags, and many third‐party applications allow for tweets to be organiz ed and displayed by tag. Firms are leveraging Twitter in a variety of ways, including promotion, customer response, gathering feedback, and time‐sensitive communication. Like other forms of social media, Twitter can serve as a hothouse that attracts opinion and forces organiz ational transparency and accountability. Activists have leveraged the service worldwide, and it has also served as an early warning mechanism in disasters, terror, and other events. Despite its rapid growth and impact, significant questions remain regarding the firm’s durability, revenue prospects, a...
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