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Unformatted text preview: th the class. Do you think Google is making much money with YouTube? Why or why not? 10. Which firm do you think spends more on the technology infrastructure that powers its service— Apple with iTunes podcasts or Google with YouTube? Explain your answer. 11. Why would a firm make its data available via XML to use as a mash‐up? What can it gain? Are there any risks involved in providing programming hooks that allow the creation of mash‐ups? 12. Give examples of efforts that take advantage of folksonomies. Why are folksonomies considered to be useful? 13. Do you spend time in rich media Web sites? Which ones? How much time do you or your friends spend on these sites? How would you describe the quality of rich media content found online? 14. How might a firm use rich media online? What concerns does a firm or individual face with respect to rich media? 15. Why do you suppose that the most popular podcasts come from established media firms (e. g. , Comedy Central, NPR) rather than amateurs, while the top bloggers...
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