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Unformatted text preview: rvices, f eeds pro vide a timely list o f the activities o f and public messages f ro m peo ple, gro ups, and o rganizatio ns that an individual has an asso ciatio n with. Feeds are inherently viral. By seeing what o thers are do ing o n a so cial netwo rk, and by leveraging the po wer o f o thers to act as wo rd-o f -mo uth evangelists, f eeds can rapidly mo bilize po pulatio ns, pro mpt activism, and o f f er lo w-co st pro mo tio n and awareness o f a f irm’s ef f o rts. Many f irms no w see a Facebo o k presence and so cial engagement strategy as vital. Facebo o k’s massive size and the viral po wer o f spreading the wo rd thro ugh f eeds, plus the o ppo rtunity to invite co mmentary and engage co nsumers in a dialo gue, rather than a co ntinual barrage o f pro mo tio n, is changing the way that f irms and custo mers interact (indeed, yo u’ll hear many successf ul so cial media pro f essio nals declare that so cial media is mo re abo ut co nversatio ns with custo mers than abo ut advertising-style pro m...
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