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Unformatted text preview: o cus what wo uld o therwise be f ragmented f indings and insight. No w all emplo yees can ref er to central pages that each serve as a lightning ro d attracting the latest and mo st relevant f indings. Intellipedia is a secure wiki built o n Intelink, a U.S. go vernment system co nnecting sixteen spy agencies, military o rganizatio ns, and the Department o f State. The wiki is a “magnum o pus o f espio nage,” handling so me o ne hundred tho usand user acco unts and f ive tho usand page edits a day. Access is classif ied in tiers as “unclassif ied,” “secret,” and “to p secret” (the latter ho sting hundreds o f tho usands o f pages and tens o f tho usands o f user acco unts). A page o n the Mumbai terro r attacks was up within minutes o f the event, while a set o f f ield instructio ns relating to the use o f chlo rine-based terro r bo mbs in Iraq was po sted and ref ined within two days o f material identif icatio n—with the do cument edited by twentythree users at eighteen lo catio ns.M. Calabrese, “Wikiped...
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