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Unformatted text preview: So cial Media and Dialo g Management at Starbucks” (presented at the MISQE So cial Media Wo rksho p, P ho enix, AZ, December 2009). This dialo gue can happen privately (private messaging is suppo rted o n mo st services) o r can o ccur very publicly (with the intentio n to reach a wide audience). Understanding when, where, and ho w to engage and respo nd o nline requires a def t and experienced hand. Many f irms will selectively and o ccasio nally retweet praise po sts, undersco ring the f irm’s co mmitment to custo mer service. Highlighting service hero es also reinf o rces exemplar behavio r to emplo yees who may be f o llo wing the f irm o nline, to o . Users are o f ten delighted when a majo r brand retweets their co mments, po sts a co mment o n their blo g, o r o therwise ackno wledges them o nline—just be sure to do a quick public pro f ile investigatio n to make sure yo ur sho ut-o uts are directed at custo mers yo u want asso ciated with yo ur f irm. Escalatio n pro cedures sho uld also inc...
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