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Unformatted text preview: Facebo o k Drives 10 Times Mo re Video Shares Than Twitter as Online TV Viewing Rises Sharply,” The Next Web, Febraury 15, 2012. and services like Viddy are bringing in tens o f millio ns o f new users who capture and share video via their mo bile devices.L. Segall, “Video Apps Battle to be the Next Instagram,” CNN Mo ney, May 11, 2012 And with all tho se eyeballs turning to Facebo o k f o r video , why no t beco me a destinatio n to watch mo vies and TV sho ws, to o ? Facebo o k has wo rked with majo r studio s to stream “rentals” o f blo ckbusters that include The Dark Knight, the Harry P o tter f ilms, and Inceptio n. Netf lix integrates so tightly with Facebo o k that the f irm’s CEO sits o n Facebo o k’s bo ard. Facebo o k has beco me the first­cho ice co mmunicatio n service f o r this generatio n, and with Facebo o k’s unif ied messaging f eature, the site will Figure 8. 1 Is prio ritize e-mail, text messages, and chat in a single inbo x, bubbling Facebook Coming yo ur f riends ahead o f the spam. It’ll even give yo u a f acebo o k.co m e- aft er Your Bus ines s ? mail address.M. Helf t, “Facebo o k Of f ers New Messaging To o l,” New Yo rk Times, No vember 15, 2010. Lo o k o ut Gmail, Ho tmail, and Yaho o ! —if users check mail within Facebo o k, they may visit the big e-mail players less o f ten (meaning less ad revenue f o r the e-mail f irms). Facebo o k is a kingmaker, o pinio n catalyst, and traf f ic driver, so media o utlets want to be f riends. Games f irms, music services, video sites, daily deal services, media o utlets, and mo re, all integrate into Facebo o k’s Ticker, each ho ping that a quick po st o f activity to Facebo o k will help spread their services virally. While in the prio r decade news Facebook has t urned on feat ures and engaged in p art ners hip s t hat comp et e wit h offerings from a wide variet y of sto ries wo uld carry a no tice saying, “Co pyright, do no t distribute firms . In t his ex amp le, witho ut permissio n,” majo r news o...
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