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Unformatted text preview: f ects and o ther assets that are unbeatable to mo rro w. But mo ve to o early and lo sses co uld drag yo u do wn. Co ncerns aren’t just f inancial; they’re also po litical and ethical. Facebo o k is o f f icially banned in China (altho ugh many Chinese have used technical wo rk-aro unds to access the site), and Zuckerberg is clearly interested in the Chinese market. He spends an ho ur each day learning Chinese and has made several trips to China, as well.L. Ho rn, “Facebo o k’s Mark Zuckerberg Visits China’s To p Search Engine,” P C Magazine, December 20, 2010. Facebo o k has discussed a partnership with China’s do minant search site, Baidu, but mo ving f o rward with an ef f o rt that co mplies with China’s f iltering requirements leaves executives co nf licted. So me say even a censo red Facebo o k wo uld be a catalyst f o r Chinese demo cratic ref o rm, while o thers see this as a co mpro mise o f the f irm’s belief in the po wer o f exchange and pro mo ting the f ree f lo w o f inf o rmatio n. Says the f irm’s COO Sheryl Sandberg, “There are co mpro mises o n no t being in China, and there are co mpro mises o n being in China. It’s no t clear to me which o ne is bigger.”B. Sto ne, “Why Facebo o k Needs Sheryl Sandberg,” BusinessWeek, May 16, 2011. K E Y TAK E AWAYS Facebook has extended its reach by allowing other Web sites to leverage the site. Facebook partners can add the “Like” button to encourage viral sharing of content, leverage Facebook user I Ds for log‐in, and tap a user’s friend and feed data to personaliz e and customiz e a user’s experience. These efforts come with risks, including enabling free riders that might exploit the firm’s content without compensation, and the potential for privacy and security risks. Facebook Credits are a currency for use for virtual gifts and games. The service accepts multiple currencies and payment methods; and while virtual goods have the potential to be a big business, some speculate that Facebook may one day be able to develop a payments and banking businesses from this base. Global growth is highly appealing to f...
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