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Unformatted text preview: ritten in a variety o f languages, including C++, Java, P ytho n, and Ruby, with access between these co mpo nents managed by a co de layer the f irm calls Thrif t (develo ped at Facebo o k, which was also turned o ver to the Apache So f tware Fo undatio n). Facebo o k also develo ped its o wn media serving so lutio n, called Haystack. Haystack co ughs up pho to s 50 percent f aster than mo re expensive, pro prietary so lutio ns, and since it’s do ne inho use, it saves Facebo o k co sts that o ther o nline o utlets spend o n third-party cont ent delivery net works (CDN) like Akamai. Facebo o k receives so me f if ty millio n requests per seco nd,S. Gaudin, “Facebo o k Ro lls Out Sto rage System to Wrangle Massive P ho to Sto res,” Co mputerw o rld, April 1, 2009, http:/ / www.co mputerwo rld.co m/ s/ article/ 9130959/ Facebo o k_ro lls_o ut_sto rage_system_t o _wrangle_massive_pho to _sto res. yet 95 percent o f data queries can be served f ro m a huge, distributed server cache that lives in o ver f if teen terabytes o f RAM (o bjects like video and pho to s are sto red o n hard drives).A. Zeichick, “Ho w Facebo o k Wo rks,” Techno lo gy Rev iew , July/ August 2008. All this techno lo gy is expensive, and a big chunk o f the capital that Facebo o k has raised f ro m investo rs has been targeted at expanding the f irm’s server netwo rk to keep up with the crush o f gro wth. This includes o ne $ 100 millio n investment ro und “used entirely f o r servers.”S. Ante, “Facebo o k: Friends with Mo ney,” BusinessWeek, May 9, 2008. Facebo o k will be buying servers by the tho usands f o r years to co me. And it’ll pay a pretty penny just to keep things humming. Estimates suggest the f irm spends o ne millio n do llars a mo nth o n electricity, ano ther half millio n a mo nth o n teleco mmunicatio ns bandwidth, and at least f if teen millio n do llars a year in o f f ice and data center rental payments.A. Arringto n, “Facebo o k Co mpletes Ro llo ut o f Haystack to Stem Lo sses f ro m Massive P ho to Uplo ads,” TechCrunch, April 6, 2009. Want to build yo ur o wn server f arm like Facebo o...
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