All kickapps wants is a cut o f the ads placed aro

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Unformatted text preview: o o k to beco me a true so cial utility and build o ut a so lid so cial graph co nsisting o f verif ied relatio nships. Since “f riending” (which is a link between no des in the so cial graph) required bo th users to appro ve the relatio nship, the netwo rk f o stered an incredible amo unt o f trust. To day, many Facebo o k users po st their cell pho ne numbers and their birthdays, o f f er perso nal pho to s, and o therwise share inf o rmatio n they’d never do o utside their circle o f f riends. Because o f trust, Facebo o k’s so cial graph is incredibly stro ng. There is also a stro ng net work ef f ect to Facebo o k (see Chapter 6 "Understanding Netwo rk Ef f ects"). P eo ple are attracted to the service because o thers they care abo ut are mo re likely to be there than anywhere else o nline. And that large user base has also attracted all so rts o f f irms and o rganizatio ns lo o king to co nnect with Facebo o k’s masses. Witho ut the netwo rk ef f ect Facebo o k wo uldn’t exist. And it’s because o f the netwo rk ef f ect that ano ther smart kid in a do rm can’t rip o f f Zuckerberg in any market where Facebo o k is the biggest f ish. Even an exact co py o f Facebo o k wo uld be a virtual gho st to wn with no so cial graph (see No te 8.21 "It’s No t the Techno lo gy" belo w). The swit ch ing cost s f o r Facebo o k are also extremely po werf ul. A mo ve to ano ther service means recreating yo ur entire so cial graph. The mo re time yo u spend o n the service, the mo re yo u’ve invested in yo ur graph and the less likely yo u are to mo ve to a rival. It’s Not the Technology Do es yo ur f irm have Facebo o k envy? KickApps, an eighty-perso n start-up in Manhattan, will give yo u the techno lo gy to po wer yo ur o wn so cial netwo rk. All KickApps wants is a cut o f the ads placed aro und yo ur co ntent. In its f irst two years, the site has pro vided the inf rastructure f o r twenty tho usand “mini Facebo o ks,” registering three hundred millio n page views a mo nth.B. Urstadt, “The Business o f So cial Netw...
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