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Unformatted text preview: a virtual go o ds sales.J. Kincaid, “Facebo o k to Make ‘Facebo o k Credits’ Mandato ry f o r Game Develo pers (Co nf irmed),” TechCrunch, January 24, 2011. There are also an increasing number o f ways to pay f o r Credits. Facebo o k’s App2Credits ef f o rt lets f irms o f f er Credits in ways that do n’t invo lve a credit card, including getting Credits as part o f a card lo yalty pro gram, co nverting unwanted real-wo rld gif t cards into Facebo o k Credits, o r earning Credits f o r sho pping o r perf o rming o ther o nline tasks.J. Kincaid, “A Lo o k at the Future o f Facebo o k Credits,” TechCrunch, April 21, 2010. Credits were ro lled o ut suppo rting f if teen internatio nal currencies and multiple credit cards. Transactio n suppo rt is pro vided thro ugh a partnership with P ayP al, and a deal with mo bile payments start-up Zo ng allo ws users to bill credits to their pho ne.C. McCarthy, “Facebo o k to Develo pers: Get Ready f o r Credits,” CNET, February 25, 2010. Credits can also be redeemed f o r vo uchers that can be used to buy real-wo rld pro ducts and services.M. Ingram, “Facebo o k’s Two Deal Weapo ns: The So cial Graph and Credits,” GigaOM, April 26, 2011. All this banking activity leaves so me wo ndering if Facebo o k might no t have grander ambitio ns. The Financial Times has ref erred to Facebo o k as being o n the path to beco ming “The Bank o f the Web.”C. Nuttall, “Facebo o k Credits Bank o f the Web,” Financial Times, April 23, 2010. Co uld Facebo o k mo rph into an actual real-currency bank? A site that kno ws ho w to reach yo ur f riends might o f f er an easy way to , say, settle a dinner tab o r ho und buddies f o r their Final Fo ur po o l mo ney. This might also be a so lid base f o r even deeper banking links between users and all tho se f irms Facebo o k has begun to leverage in deeper data-sharing partnerships. This may be so mething to think abo ut, o r perhaps, to bank o n! Open Graph and Privacy Controversy The decisio n to launch many o f the new Open Graph f eatures as “o pt-o ut” instead o f “o pt-in” im...
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