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Unformatted text preview: sers away, by the start o f the next semester subscribers had nearly do ubled! Facebo o k co ntinues to ref ine f eeds in several ways, including ref ining sharing into catego ries that include “To p Sto ries” that the site thinks yo u’ll be mo st interested in, “Recent News,” a “Ticker” f o r lighter co ntent (e.g. music, games, lo catio n updates), and a “Timeline” that o f f ers a so rt o f digital scrapbo o k o f co ntent that a user has shared o nline. K E Y TAK E AWAYS Facebook feeds foster the viral spread of information and activity. Feeds were initially unwanted by many Facebook users. Feeds themselves helped fuel online protests against the feed feature. Today feeds are considered one of the most vital, value‐adding features on Facebook, and the concept has been widely copied by other social networking sites. Users often misperceive technology and have difficulty in recogniz ing an effort’s value (as well as its risks). They have every right to be concerned and protective of their privacy. I t is the responsibility of firms to engage users on new initiatives and to protect user privacy. Failure to do so risks backlash. QU E S TI ONS AND E XE RC I S E S 1. What is the “linchpin” of Facebook’s ability to strengthen and deliver user‐value from the social graph? 2. How did users first react to feeds? What could Facebook have done to better manage the launch? 3. How do you feel about Facebook feeds? Have you ever been disturbed by information about you or someone else that has appeared in the feed? Did this prompt action? Why or why not? 4. Visit Facebook and experiment with privacy settings. What kinds of control do you have over feeds and data sharing? I s this enough to set your mind at ease? Did you know these settings existed before being prompted to investigate features? 5. What other Web sites are leveraging features that mimic Facebook feeds? Do you think these efforts are successful or not? Why? 8.5 Facebook as a Platform L...
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