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Unformatted text preview: n auto matically wo uld then send a link to that page to their news f eed, where it has the po tential to be seen by all o f their f riends. No additio nal sign-in is necessary as lo ng as yo u lo gged into Facebo o k f irst (reinf o rcing Facebo o k’s impo rtance as the f irst sto p in yo ur Internet surf ing itinerary). The ef f o rt was ado pted with stunning speed. Facebo o k’s “Like” butto n served up mo re than o ne billio n times acro ss the Web in the f irst twenty-f o ur ho urs, and o ver f if ty tho usand Web sites signed up to add the “Like” butto n to their co ntent within the f irst week. (Facebo o k no w includes several new verb o ptio ns beyo nd “like.”)J. Bro dkin, “Facebo o k Shuts Do wn Beaco n P ro gram, Do nates $ 9.5 Millio n to Settle Lawsuit,” Netw o rkWo rld, December 8, 2009; and N. Devo re, “Facebo o k Mo ves Beyo nd the “Like” Butto n, Intro duces New Verbs to Timeline,” OBI, “Jan. 25, 2012. Facebo o k also o f f ered a system where Web site o perato rs can cho o se to accept a user’s Facebo o k credentials f o r lo gging in. Users like this because they can access co ntent witho ut the hurdle o f creating a new acco unt. Web sites like it because with the burden o f signing up o ut o f the way, Facebo o k beco mes an experimentatio n lubricant: “Oh, I can use my Facebo o k ID to sign in? Then let me try this o ut.” Other ef f o rts allo w f irms to leverage Facebo o k data to make their sites mo re perso nalized. Firms aro und the Web can no w sho w if a visito r’s f riends have “Liked” items o n the site, po sted co mments, o r perf o rmed o ther actio ns. Using this f eature, Facebo o k users lo gging into Yelp can see a list o f restaurants reco mmended by trusted f riends instead o f just the reviews po sted by a bunch o f strangers. Users o f the music-streaming site P ando ra can have the service custo mized based o n music tastes pulled f ro m their Facebo o k pro f ile page. They can share statio ns with f riends and have data f lo w back to update the music pref erences listed in the...
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