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Unformatted text preview: aging so cial engagement in the ads themselves. Adding a “like” butto n to an ad allo ws f irms to turn their advertising message into a trusted ref erral f ro m users’ f riends. Making ads mo re so cial allo ws advertisers to engage co nsumers to co mment o n co ntent, RSVP to an event, and mo re. Many o f these ads are designed to allo w interactio n within the ad that keeps them o n the page so that users aren’t f aced with a cho ice to deviate f ro m their “hike.” And while user “Likes” and o ther updates might be lo st in the co nstant scro ll o f the news f eed, Facebo o k also lets advertisers pay to create spo nso red sto ries, allo wing advertisers to turn a member’s Facebo o k actio ns (status updates, check-ins, “likes”) into an ad o n the right-side o f the screen. Facebook Engagement Ads and Sponsored Stories These video s sho w ho w bo th engagement ads and spo nso red sto ries wo rk. Source: Us ed by p ermis s ion of Facebook. Click to watch: https:/ / www.f acebo o k.co m/ video / video .php?v=10100328087082670 (click to see video) While Facebo o k’s o verall click-thro ugh rates are lo w, Facebo o k execs argue that peo ple remember ads better and are mo re likely to make purchases when their f riends endo rse pro ducts. Says o ne ad exec, “If yo u’re an advertiser, there’s no thing better than co nverting custo mers into unpaid endo rsers.”B. Sto ne, “Why Facebo o k Needs Sheryl Sandberg,” BusinessWeek, May 16, 2011. P erhaps mo st critical—if so meo ne “likes” yo ur f irm’s page, yo u’ve go t ’em. Yo u can no w po st status updates that sho w up in a user’s f eed, allo wing yo ur message to appear in the same stream as po stings f ro m f riends and to f urther spread virally. Users, o f co urse, can turn o f f f irm messages if they “unlike” a f irm, and users are in co ntro l o f their so cial ad participatio n thro ugh Facebo o k’s privacy settings, but this ability to co nnect to custo mers in a way that enables co ntinued messaging and pro mo tio n is a huge draw f o r advertisers and gives Facebo o k ads a unique appeal that no ne o f its rivals...
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