First is the advertising appeal o f precisetargeting

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Unformatted text preview: o nline and f o und that o nly abo ut 15 percent o f these ef f o rts actually caught o n with co nsumers.M. Co wan, “Marketers Struggle to Get So cial,” Reuters, June 19, 2008, http:/ / m/ news/ video ?video Id=84894. Brands seeking to deplo y their o wn applicatio ns in Facebo o k have also struggled. New Media Age repo rted that applicatio ns ro lled o ut by to p brands such as MTV, Warner Bro s., and Wo o lwo rths were f o und to have as little as f ive daily users. Co ngestio n may be setting in f o r all but the mo st inno vative applicatio ns, as standing o ut in a cro wd o f o ver 550,000 applicatio ns beco mes increasingly dif f icult.Facebo o k P ress Ro o m, Statistics, April 29, 2010, http:/ / www.f acebo o m/ press/ inf o .php?statistics. Co nsumer pro ducts giant P ro cter & Gamble (P &G) has been relentlessly experimenting with leveraging so cial netwo rks f o r brand engagement, but the results sho w what a to ugh slo g this can be. The f irm did garner f o urteen tho usand Facebo o k “f ans” f o r its Crest Whitestrips pro duct, but tho se f ans were earned while giving away f ree mo vie tickets and o ther pro mo s. The New Yo rk Times quipped that with tho se kinds o f incentives, “a hemo rrho id cream” co uld have attracted a similar gro up o f “f ans.” When the giveaways sto pped, tho usands pro mptly “unf anned” Whitestrips. Results f o r P ro cter & Gamble’s “2X Ultra Tide” f an page were also pretty grim. P &G tried o f f beat appeals f o r custo mer-brand bo nding, including asking Facebo o kers to po st “their f avo rite places to enjo y stain-making mo ments.” But a check eleven mo nths af ter launch had garnered just eighteen submissio ns, two f ro m P &G, two f ro m staf f ers at spo o f news site The Onio n, and a bunch o f sho rt po sts such as “Tidealicio us!”R. Stro ss, “Advertisers Face Hurdles o n So cial Netwo rking Sites,” New Yo rk Times, December 14, 2008. Ef f o rts aro und engagement o ppo rtunities like events (Ben & Jerry’s) o r pro ducts co nsumers are anxio us to identif y themselves with (a band o r a mo vie) may have mo re success...
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