His sto ry has been co vered by many publicatio ns

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Unformatted text preview: a po ll. The viral nature o f Facebo o k allo ws actio ns to f lo w back into the news f eed and spread amo ng f riends. COO Sheryl Sandberg discussed Ben & Jerry’s pro mo tio n f o r the ice cream chain’s f ree co ne day event. To pro mo te the upco ming event, Ben & Jerry’s initially co ntracted to make two hundred and f if ty tho usand “gif t co nes” available to Facebo o k users; they co uld click o n little ico ns that wo uld gif t a co ne ico n to a f riend, and that wo uld sho w up in their pro f ile. Within a co uple o f ho urs, custo mers had sent all two hundred and f if ty tho usand virtual co nes. Delighted, Ben & Jerry’s bo ught ano ther two hundred and f if ty tho usand co nes. Within eleven ho urs, half a millio n peo ple had sent co nes, many making plans with Facebo o k f riends to attend the real f ree co ne day. The day o f the Facebo o k pro mo tio n, Ben & Jerry’s Web site registered f if ty-three millio n impressio ns, as users searched f o r sto re lo catio ns and wro te abo ut their f avo rite f lavo rs.Q. Hardy, “Facebo o k Thinks Outside Bo xes,” Fo rbes, May 28, 2008. The campaign do vetailed with everything Facebo o k was go o d at: it was viral, generating enthusiasm f o r a pro mo tio nal event and even pro mpting scheduling. In o ther pro mo tio ns, Ho nda gave away three quarters o f a millio n hearts during a Valentine’s Day pro mo ,S. Sandberg, “Sheryl Sandberg o n Facebo o k’s Future,” BusinessWeek, April 8, 2009. and the Dr. P epper Snapple Gro up o f f ered two hundred and f if ty tho usand virtual Sunkist so das, which earned the f irm o ne hundred thirty millio n brand impressio ns in twenty-two ho urs. Says Sunkist’s brand manager, “A Super Bo wl ad, if yo u co mpare it, wo uld have generated so mewhere between six to seven millio n.”E. Wo ng, “Ben & Jerry’s, Sunkist, Indy Jo nes Unwrap Facebo o k’s ‘Gif t o f Gab,’” Brandw eek, June 1, 2008. Facebook, Help Get Me a Job! The news is f illed with sto ries abo ut emplo yers sco uring Facebo o k to screen po tential hires. But o ne creative jo b seeker turned the tables and used Facebo o k to mak...
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