If facebo o k f ails to co mply with these terms it

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Unformatted text preview: es o f mino rs were no lo nger searchable. The site agreed to auto matically send a warning message when a child is at risk o f revealing perso nal inf o rmatio n to an unkno wn adult. And links to explicit material, the mo st o f f ensive Facebo o k gro ups, and any material related to cyberbullying were banned. Reputation Damage, Increased Scrutiny, and Recovery—Learning from the Facebook TOS Debacle Facebo o k also suf f ered damage to its reputatio n, brand, and credibility, f urther reinf o rcing perceptio ns that the co mpany acts brazenly, witho ut co nsidering user needs, and is f ast and lo o se o n privacy and user no tif icatio n. Facebo o k wo rked thro ugh the f eeds o utrage, eventually co nvincing users o f the benef its o f f eeds. But Beaco n was a f iasco . And no w users, the media, and watchdo gs were o n the alert. When the f irm mo dif ied its terms o f service (TOS) po licy in spring 2009, the upro ar was immediate. As a co ver sto ry in New Yo rk magazine summed it up, Facebo o k’s new TOS appeared to state, “We can do anything we want with yo ur co ntent, f o rever,” even if a user deletes their acco unt and leaves the service.V. Grigo riadis, “Do Yo u Own Facebo o k? Or Do es Facebo o k Own Yo u?” New Yo rk, April 5, 2009. Yet ano ther privacy backlash! Activists o rganized; the press craf ted juicy, attentio n-grabbing headlines; and the f irm was f o rced o nce again to backtrack. But here’s where o thers can learn f ro m Facebo o k’s missteps and respo nse. The f irm was co ntrite and reached o ut to explain and engage users. The o ld TOS were reinstated, and the f irm po sted a pro po sed new versio n that gave the f irm bro ad latitude in leveraging user co ntent witho ut claiming o wnership. And the f irm reno unced the right to use this co ntent if a user clo sed their Facebo o k acco unt. This new TOS was o f f ered in a way that so licited user co mments, and it was submitted to a co mmunity vo te, co nsidered binding if 30...
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