If yo u wanted to establish that yo u wo rked f o r a

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Unformatted text preview: ain the concept of the “social graph,” and explain how Facebook created a social graph stronger than its rivals’. 2. Recogniz e the two strategic resources that are most critical to Facebook’s competitive advantage and why Facebook was able to create these resources while MySpace has fallen short. 3. Appreciate that while Facebook’s technology can be easily copied, barriers to sustain any new entrant are extraordinarily high, and the likelihood that a firm will win significant share from Facebook by doing the same thing is considerably remote. At the heart o f Facebo o k’s appeal is a co ncept Zuckerberg calls the social graph , which ref ers to Facebo o k’s ability to co llect, express, and leverage the co nnectio ns between the site’s users, o r as so me describe it, “the glo bal mapping o f everyo ne and ho w they’re related.”A. Isko ld, “So cial Graph: Co ncepts and Issues,” ReadWriteWeb, September 12, 2007. Think o f all the stuf f that’s o n Facebo o k as a no de o r endpo int that’s co nnected to o ther stuf f . Yo u’re co nnected to o ther users (yo ur f riends), pho to s abo ut yo u are tagged, co mments yo u’ve po sted carry yo ur name, yo u’re a member o f gro ups, yo u’re co nnected to applicatio ns yo u’ve installed—Facebo o k links them all.A. Zeichick, “Ho w Facebo o k Wo rks,” Techno lo gy Rev iew , July/ August 2008. Facebo o k was established in the relatively saf e co co o n o f American undergraduate lif e and was co nceived as a place where yo u co uld reinfo rce co ntacts amo ng tho se who , f o r the mo st part, yo u already knew. The site was o ne o f the f irst so cial netwo rks where users actually identif ied themselves using their real names. If yo u wanted to establish that yo u wo rked f o r a certain f irm o r were a student o f a particular university, yo u had to verif y that yo u were legitimate via an e-mail address issued by that o rganizatio n. It was this “realness” that became Facebo o k’s distinguishing f eature—bringing alo ng with it a degree o f saf ety and co mf o rt that enabled Faceb...
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