Many users blind to these so rts o f alerts either

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Unformatted text preview: ontent sites. Why the discrepancy? 4. What is the content adjacency problem? Search for examples of firms that have experienced embarassment due to content adjacency—describe them, why they occurred, and if site operators could have done something to reduce the likelihood these issues could have occurred. 5. What kinds of Web sites are most susceptible to content adjacency? Are news sites? Why or why not? What sorts of technical features might act as breeding grounds for content adjacency problems? 6. I f a firm removed user content because it was offensive to an advertiser, what kinds of problems might this create? When (if ever) should a firm remove or take down user content? 7. How are firms attempting to leverage social networks for brand and product engagement? What advantages do ads on Facebook offer advertisers that they can’t necessarily get from competing online ad alternatives? 8. Describe an innovative marketing campaign that has leveraged Facebook or other social networking sites. What factors made this campaign work? Are all firms likely to have this sort of success? Why or why not? 9. Have advertisers ever targeted you when displaying ads on Facebook? How were you targeted? What did you think of the effort? 8.7 Privacy Peril, Beacon, and the TOS Debacle: What Facebook’s Failures Can Teach Managers about Technology Planning and Deployment L E A RN I N G OBJ E C T I V E S 1. Understand the difference between opt‐in and opt‐out efforts. 2. Recogniz e how user issues and procedural implementation can derail even well‐intentioned information systems efforts. 3. Recogniz e the risks in being a pioneer associated with new media efforts, and understand how missteps led to Facebook and its partners being embarrassed (and in some cases sued) as a result of system design and deployment issues. Co nventio nal advertising may gro w into a great business f o r Facebo o k, but the f irm was clearly sitting o n so mething that was unco nventio nal co mpared to prio r generatio ns o f Web services. Co uld the energy and virul...
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