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Unformatted text preview: ivalent o f an ad blo cker, yet Facebo o k’s o penness lets this happen! Finally, co nsider security. Allo wing data streams that co ntain po tentially private po sts and pho to graphs to squirt acro ss the Internet and land where yo u want them raises all so rts o f co ncerns. What’s to say an errant line o f co de do esn’t pro vide a back do o r to yo ur address bo o k o r f riends list? To yo ur messaging acco unt? To let o thers see pho to s yo u’d ho ped to o nly share with f amily? Security breaches can o ccur o n any site, but o nce the data is allo wed to f lo w f reely, every site with access is, f o r hackers, the equivalent o f a po tential do o r to o pen o r a windo w to crawl thro ugh. Social Networking Goes Global Facebo o k will eventually see stellar gro wth start to slo w as the law o f large numbers sets in. The shif t f ro m gro wth business to mature o ne can be painf ul, and f o r o nline f irms it can o ccur relatively quickly. That do esn’t mean these f irms will beco me unpro f itable, but to sustain gro wth (particularly impo rtant f o r keeping up the sto ck price o f a publicly traded co mpany), f irms o f ten lo o k to expand abro ad. Facebo o k’s crowdsourcing localizat ion ef f o rt, where users were asked to lo o k at Facebo o k phrases and o f f er translatio n suggestio ns f o r their lo cal language (see Chapter 7 "So cial Media, P eer P ro ductio n, and Web 2.0"), helped the f irm rapidly deplo y versio ns in do zens o f markets, blasting the f irm past MySpace in glo bal reach. But netwo rk ef f ects are bo th quick and po werf ul, and late market entry can do o m a business reliant o n the po sitive f eedback lo o p o f a gro wing user base. And glo bal co mpetitio n is o ut there. Wo rldwide, Facebo o k wannabes include Vko ntakte (“in co ntact”), Russia’s mo st po pular so cial netwo rking site; Go o gle’s Orkut (which is to ps in Brazil, altho ugh Facebo o k’s gaining there, to o ); and Renren (f o rmerly Xiao nei), which is said to have registered 90 per...
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