Sharing will be go o d f o r facebo o k if a mo re ef

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Unformatted text preview: k? The f irm will tell yo u ho w to do it. In an unprecedented mo ve that co incided with the o pening o f its P rineville, Orego n, f acility, Facebo o k made public the detailed specif icatio ns o f its ho megro wn servers (including custo m po wer supplies, chassis, and battery backup), plus plans used in the P rineville site’s building design and electrical and co o ling systems. Yo u can f ind details, pho to s, and video at o penco mpute.o rg. Facebo o k claims its redesigned servers are 38 percent mo re ef f icient and 24 percent cheaper than tho se so ld by majo r manuf acturers. Why give away the lo w-co st secrets? Says the f irm’s directo r o f hardware, “Facebo o k is successf ul because o f the great so cial pro duct, no t [because] we can build lo w-co st inf rastructure. There’s no reaso n we sho uldn’t help o thers o ut with this.”T. Simo nite, “Facebo o k Opens Up Its Hardware Secrets,” Techno lo gy Rev iew , April 7, 2011. One o f the f irms co nsidering using Facebo o k designs is Zynga, a f irm that itself pays Facebo o k millio ns a mo nth in advertising and f o r using the Facebo o k Credits payments system. Sharing will be go o d f o r Facebo o k if a mo re ef f icient Zynga gro ws f aster and returns mo re mo ney back to its partner alo ng the way. K E Y TAK E AWAYS Facebook’s position as the digital center of its members’ online social lives has allowed the firm to envelop related businesses such as photo and video sharing, messaging, bookmarking, and link sharing. Facebook has opportunities to expand into other areas as well. Much of the site’s content is in the dark Web, unable to be indexed by Google or other search engines. Some suggest this may create an opportunity for Facebook to challenge Google in search. Some fear that Facebook may be an all‐too‐powerful walled garden that may stifle innovation, limit competition, and restrict the free flow of information. Facebook’s growth requires a continued and massive infrastructure investment. The...
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