Sites that cant be indexed by go o gle and o ther

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Unformatted text preview: wo rk to o pen up and beco me a platf o rm (Insta-music? Insta-links? Insta-status updates?). Facebo o k’s o wn IP O f ilings ackno wledged mo bile as a po tential risk area. Figures sho wed that Instagram was winning o ver millio ns o f Facebo o k users, and Instagram the po tential rival had just accepted a new $ 50 millio n ro und o f venture f unding, valuing the f irm at $ 500 millio n. Within two days o f that deal, Zuckerberg called the f irm with an o f f er it co uldn’t ref use. Facebo o k bo ught Instagram f o r a co o l $ 1 billio n.N. Carlso n, “Here’s the Chart that Scared Zuckerberg Into Spending $ 1 Billio n o n Instagram,” BusinessInsider, April 14, 2012; and K. Teare, “It’s No t Abo ut Instagram—It’s Abo ut Mo bile,” TechCrunch, April 18, 2012. As f o r search, Facebo o k’s tinkering there, as well. Go o gle indexes so me Facebo o k co ntent, but since much o f Facebo o k is private, accessible o nly amo ng f riends, this represents a massive blind spo t f o r Go o gle search. Sites that can’t be indexed by Go o gle and o ther search engines are ref erred to as the dark Web. But while Go o gle lacks access to Facebo o k’s po rtio n o f the dark Web, Facebo o k has repeatedly expanded its partnership with Micro so f t’s Bing, linking private Facebo o k co ntent with search. Co ntent that Facebo o k users have “liked” can inf luence the ranking o f Bing search results. A new so cial sidebar in Bing that lets yo u see and respo nd to Facebo o k f riend updates allo ws users to ask f riends questio ns and even surf aces f riends who may be kno wledgeable o n a to pic.R. Metz, “With New Lo o k, Bing Gets Mo re Organized, So cial,” Techno lo gy Rev iew , May 10, 2012. If Facebo o k can tie to gether standard Internet search with its dark Web co ntent, this just might be eno ugh f o r so me to break the Go o gle habit. Facebo o k’s increasing do minance, lo ng reach, and widening ambitio n have a lo t o f peo ple wo rried, including the creato r o f the Wo rld Wide Web. Sir Ti...
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