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Unformatted text preview: to rs to the ad pref erences manager ended up o pting o ut co mpletely.F. Manjo o , “Do es P rivacy o n Facebo o k, Go o gle, and Twitter Even Matter?” Fast Co mpany, May 1, 2010. Managers seeking to leverage data sho uld learn f ro m the examples o f Facebo o k and Go o gle and be certain to o f f er clear co ntro ls that empo wer user cho ice. Busted on Facebook Chapter 7 "So cial Media, P eer P ro ductio n, and Web 2.0" warned that yo ur digital lif e will linger f o rever and that emplo yers are increasingly plumbing the depths o f virtual co mmunities in o rder to get a sense o f jo b candidates. And it’s no t just emplo yers. Sleuths at universities and po lice departments have begun lo o king to Facebo o k f o r evidence o f malf easance. Oxf o rd University f ined graduating students mo re than £10,000 f o r their po stexam celebratio ns, evidence o f which was picked up f ro m Facebo o k. P o lice thro ugho ut the United States have made underage drinking busts and issued graf f iti warnings based o n Facebo o k pho to s, to o . Beware—the Web kno ws! Open Graph and Strategic Concerns: Asset Strength, Free Riders, and Security Facebo o k also allo ws third-party develo pers to create all so rts o f apps to access Facebo o k data. Facebo o k f eeds are no w streaming thro ugh devices that include Samsung, Vizio , and So ny televisio ns; Xbo x 360 and Wii game co nso les; Verizo n’s FiOS pay televisio n service; and the Amazo n Kindle. While Facebo o k might never have the time o r reso urces to create apps that put its service o n every gadget o n the market, they do n’t need to . Develo pers using Facebo o k’s access to o ls will gladly pick up the slack. But there are majo r challenges with a mo re o pen appro ach, mo st no tably a weakening o f strategic assets, revenue sharing, and security. First, let’s discuss weakened assets. Mark Zuckerberg’s geeks have wo rked hard to make their site the to p cho ice f o r mo st o f the wo rld’s so cial netwo rkers and so cial netwo rk applicatio n develo pers. Right no w, everyo ne go es to Facebo o k because everyo ne else is o n Facebo o k. But as Facebo o k o pens up access to users and co ntent, it r...
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