Standard hard drives and multico re intel o r amd pro

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Unformatted text preview: m Berners-Lee recently warned that the Web may be endangered by Facebo o k’s co lo ssal walled garden.J. Evans, “Can Anything Sto p the Facebo o k Juggernaut?” TechCrunch, No vember 25, 2010. The f ear is that if increasingly large parts o f the Web reside inside a single (and f o r the mo st part clo sed) service, inno vatio n, co mpetitio n, and exchange may suf f er. So What’s It Take to Run This Thing? The Facebo o k cloud (the big gro up o f co nnected servers that po wer the site) is scattered acro ss multiple f acilities, including server f arms in San Francisco , Santa Clara, no rthern Virginia, Orego n, and No rth Caro lina.A. Zeichick, “Ho w Facebo o k Wo rks,” Techno lo gy Rev iew , July/ August 2008; J. P ackzko wski, “Superpo ke! Facebo o k Cho o ses N.C. f o r $ 450M Data Center,” AllThingsD, No vember 11, 2010: T. Simo nite, “Facebo o k Opens Up Its Hardware Secrets,” Techno lo gy Rev iew , April 7, 2011. The innards that make up the bulk o f the system aren’t that dif f erent f ro m what yo u’d f ind o n a high-end co mmo dity wo rkstatio n. Standard hard drives and multico re Intel o r AMD pro cesso rs—just a who le lo t o f them lashed to gether thro ugh netwo rking and so f tware. Much o f what po wers the site is open source sof t ware (OSS). The service runs o n the Linux o perating system and Apache web server so f tware. A go o d po rtio n o f Facebo o k is written in P HP (a scripting language particularly well-suited f o r Web site develo pment), while the databases are in MySQL (a po pular o pen so urce database). Facebo o k also develo ped Cassandra, a no n-SQL database pro ject f o r large-scale systems that the f irm has since turned o ver to the o pen so urce Apache So f tware Fo undatio n. The o bject cache that ho lds Facebo o k’s f requently accessed o bjects is in chip-based RAM instead o f o n slo wer hard drives and is managed via an o pen so urce pro duct called Memcache. Other co de co mpo nents are w...
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