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Unformatted text preview: e it easier f o r f irms to f ind him. Recent MBA graduate Eric Barker, a talented f o rmer screenwriter with experience in the f ilm and gaming industry, bo ught ads pro mo ting himself o n Facebo o k, setting them up to run o nly o n the screens o f users identif ied as co ming f ro m f irms he’d like to wo rk f o r. In this way, so meo ne Facebo o k identif ied as being f ro m Micro so f t wo uld see an ad f ro m Eric declaring “I Want to Be at Micro so f t” alo ng with an o f f er to click and learn mo re. The co st to run the ads was usually less than $ 5 a day. Said Barker, “I co uld co ntro l my bid price and set a cap o n my daily spend. Starbucks put a bigger dent in my wallet than pro mo ting myself o nline.” The ads go t tens o f tho usands o f impressio ns, hundreds o f clicks, and do zens o f peo ple called o f f ering assistance. To day, Eric Barker is gainf ully emplo yed at a “dream jo b” in the video game industry.Eric is a f o rmer student o f mine. His sto ry has been co vered by many publicatio ns, including J. Zappe, “MBA Grad Seeks Jo b with Micro so f t; P o sts Ad o n Facebo o k,”, May 27, 2009; G. Sentementes, “‘Hire Me’ Natio n: Using the Web & So cial Media to Get a Jo b,” Baltimo re Sun, July 15, 2009; and E. Liebert, Facebo o k Fairytales (New Yo rk: Skyho rse, 2010). Figure 8. 3 Eric Barker us ed Facebook t o advert is e hims elf t o p ros p ect ive emp loyers . Of co urse, even with this business, Facebo o k may f ind that it co mpetes with widget makers. Unlike Apple’s App Sto re (where much o f develo per-earned revenue co mes f ro m selling apps), the vast majo rity o f Facebo o k apps are f ree and suppo rted by ads. That means Facebo o k and its app pro viders are bo th running at a f inite po t o f advertising do llars. While these ef f o rts might be inno vative, are they even ef f ective? So me o f these pro grams are co nsidered successes; o thers, no t so much. Jupiter Research surveyed marketers trying to create a viral impact...
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