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Unformatted text preview: . Are Facebo o k apps really a big deal? Just ho w impo rtant will apps be to adding sustained value within Facebo o k? And ho w will f irms leverage the Facebo o k f ramewo rk to extract their o wn value? A chart f ro m Flo wingData sho wed the to p catego ry, Just f o r Fun, was larger than the next f o ur catego ries co mbined. That suggests that a lo t o f applicatio ns are f addish time wasters. Yes, there is experimentatio n beyo nd virtual Zo mbie Bites. Visa has created a small business netwo rk o n Facebo o k (Facebo o k had so me eighty tho usand small businesses o nline at the time o f Visa’s launch). Educatio nal so f tware f irm Blackbo ard o f f ered an applicatio n that will po st data to Facebo o k pages as so o n as there are updates to so meo ne’s Blackbo ard acco unt (new co urses, whether assignments o r grades have been po sted, etc.). We’re still a lo ng way f ro m Facebo o k as a Windo ws rival, but the platf o rm helped push Facebo o k to number o ne, and it co ntinues to deliver quirky f un (and then so me) supplied by tho usands o f develo pers o f f its payro ll. Errant Apps and the Challenges of Running a Platform Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla, two bro thers in Ko lkata, India, who ran a mo dest so f tware develo pment co mpany, decided to write a Scrabble clo ne as a Facebo o k applicatio n. The app, named Scrabulo us, was so cial—users co uld invite f riends to play, o r they co uld search f o r new players lo o king f o r an o ppo nent. Their applicatio n was a smash, snagging three millio n registered users and seven hundred tho usand players a day af ter just a f ew mo nths. Scrabulo us was f eatured in P C Wo rld’s 100 best pro ducts o f the year, received co verage in the New Yo rk Times, New sw eek, and Wired, and was pulling in abo ut twenty-f ive tho usand do llars a mo nth f ro m o nline advertising. Way to go , little guys!H. Timmo ns, “Online Scrabble Craze Leaves Game Sellers at Lo ss f o r Wo rds,” New Yo rk Times, March 2, 2008. There is o nly o ne pro blem: the Agarwalla bro thers didn...
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