Wo uld yo u extend the f irm credit of f er it better

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Unformatted text preview: are a lo t o f f o lks with a vested interest in f iguring o ut where the f irm is headed. If yo u want to wo rk there, are yo u signing o n to a f irm where yo ur sto ck o ptio ns and 401k co ntributio ns are go ing to be wo rth so mething o r wo rthless? If yo u’re an investo r, sho uld yo u sh ort the f irm o r increase yo ur ho ldings? Wo uld yo u invest in o r avo id f irms that rely o n Facebo o k’s business? Sho uld yo ur f irm rush to partner with the f irm? Wo uld yo u extend the f irm credit? Of f er it better terms to secure its gro wing business, o r wo rse terms because yo u think it’s a risky bet? Is this f irm the next Go o gle (underestimated at f irst, and no w wildly pro f itable and inf luential), the next Geo Cities (Yaho o ! paid $ 3 billio n f o r it—no o ne go es to the site to day), o r the next Skype (deeply impactf ul with o ver half a billio n acco unts wo rldwide, but so f ar, no t much o f a pro f it generato r)? The jury is still o ut o n all this, but let’s lo o k at the f undamentals with an eye to applying what we’ve learned. No o ne has a crystal ball, but we do have so me key co ncepts that can guide o ur analysis. There are a lo t o f bro adly applicable managerial lesso ns that can be gleaned by examining Facebo o k’s successes and missteps. Studying the f irm pro vides a co ntext f o r examining newo rk ef f ects, platf o rms, partnerships, issues in the ro llo ut o f new techno lo gies, privacy, ad mo dels, the business value o f so cial media, and mo re. Facebook’s Copilot Do n’t let Zuck get all the credit. While Facebo o k’s f o under is co nsidered the f irm’s visio nary, chief o perating o f f icer Sheryl Sandberg is o f ten depicted as the perso n who runs the place: the co ach, the seaso ned mento r, the drill sergeant, and the lead “adult” in a wo rkf o rce that skews remarkably yo ung despite its vast, glo bal inf luence. Regularly named to Fo rtune magazine’s “Mo st P o werf ul Wo men in Business” list, Sandberg came to Facebo o k f ro m Go o gle (bef o...
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