Zuckerbergs mo ve appeared to have turned facebo o k

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Unformatted text preview: ,” Netw o rkWo rld, December 8, 2009. Despite the Beaco n f iasco , new users co ntinued to f lo ck to the site, and lo yal users stuck with Zuck. P erhaps a bigger pro blem was that many o f tho se f o rty A-list e-co mmerce sites that to o k a gamble with Facebo o k no w had their names asso ciated with a privacy screw-up that made headlines wo rldwide. No t a go o d thing f o r o ne’s career. A manager so burned isn’t likely to sign up f irst f o r the next ro und o f experimentatio n. Fro m the P rada example in Chapter 3 "Zara: Fast Fashio n f ro m Savvy Systems" we learned that savvy managers lo o k beyo nd techno lo gy and co nsider co mplete inf o rmatio n systems—no t just the hardware and so f tware o f techno lo gy but also the interactio ns amo ng the data, peo ple, and pro cedures that make up (and are impacted by) inf o rmatio n systems. Beaco n’s f ailure is a cautio nary tale o f what can go wro ng if users f ail to bro adly co nsider the impact and implicatio ns o f an inf o rmatio n system o n all tho se it can to uch. Techno lo gy’s reach is o f ten f arther, wider, and mo re signif icantly impactf ul than we o riginally expect. Predators and Privacy While spo iling Christmas is bad, sexual predato rs are f ar wo rse. Of f icials f ro m the New Yo rk State Atto rney General’s o f f ice had po sed as teenagers o n Facebo o k and received sexual advances. Co mplaints to the service f ro m investigato rs po sing as parents were also no t immediately addressed. These were tro ubling develo pments f o r a f irm that prided itself o n trust and authenticity. In an agreement with f o rty-nine states, Facebo o k o f f ered a series o f aggressive steps. Facebo o k agreed to respo nd to co mplaints abo ut inappro priate co ntent within twenty-f o ur ho urs and to allo w an independent examiner to mo nito r ho w it handles co mplaints. The f irm impo sed agelo cking restrictio ns o n pro f iles, reviewing any attempt by so meo ne under the age o f eighteen to change their date o f birth. P ro f il...
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