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Unformatted text preview: utlets to day display Facebo o k ico ns Warner Bros . has alo ngside every co pyrighted sto ry, enco uraging users to “share” the p art nered wit h Facebook co ntent o n their pro f ile pages. Great f o r Facebo o k, but a sharp elbo w to t o offer st reaming video m and Del.icio .us, which have bo th seen their link sharing rent al. appeal f ree-f all, even tho ugh they sho wed up f irst.D. Lyo ns, “Digg This: A Cautio nary Tale f o r Web 2.0 Co mpanies,” New sw eek, Octo ber 24, 2010; M. Arringto n, “Yaho o Sells Delicio us to Yo uTube Fo unders,” Source: Us ed by p ermis s ion of Facebook. TechCrunch, April 27, 2011. And despite all the buzz abo ut Twitter, Facebo o k drives f ar mo re traf f ic to newspaper sites.S. Kessler, “Fo r To p News Sites, Facebo o k Drives Mo re Traf f ic Than Twitter,” Mashable, May 9, 2011. Facebo o k Of f ice? Facebo o k ro lled o ut the do cument co llabo ratio n and sharing service Do m in partnership with Micro so f t. Music? P ayments? Facebo o k is hard at wo rk o n that, to o .J. Kincaid, “What Is This Mysterio us Facebo o k Music App?” TechCrunch, February 2, 2010; R. Maher, “Facebo o k’s New P ayment System Of f to Great Start, Co uld Bo o st Revenue by $ 250 Millio n in 2010,” TBI Research, February 1, 2010. Instagram: Did Zuckerberg Blink? Facebo o k’s do minance in pho to sharing came largely f ro m success o ver the web, but pho to sharing and many o ther activities are go ing mo bile. By Spring 2012, Instagram, an eighteenmo nth-o ld f irm with thirteen emplo yees, had f if ty millio n users and was adding new o nes at a rate o f ro ughly f ive millio n a week.C. Taylo r, “Instagram P asses 50 Millio n Users, Adds Five Millio n a Week,” Mashable, May 1, 2012. Users lo ved the beautif ul, artistic images Instagram’s f ilters created, and pho to s were being shared no t o nly o n Instagram but also o n Facebo o k’s rival Twitter and o ther services. Analysts suggest mo bile co uld have been Facebo o k’s Achilles heel—allo wing a mo bile-o nly pho to net...
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