Here is a wo rd o f warning o n f ramewo rks and

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Unformatted text preview: u pro bably spent o n yo ur last lunch (a f ire, thef t, o r similar event co uld also result in the lo ss o f any backups sto red o n-site, but Internet backup services can pro vide o f f -site sto rage and access if disaster strikes). Check w ith yo ur administrato r. All o rganizatio ns that help yo u co nnect to the Internet—yo ur ISP , f irm, o r scho o l—sho uld have security pages. Many pro vide f ree security so f tware to o ls. Use them as reso urces. Remember—it’s in their interest to keep yo u saf e, to o ! Taking Action as an Organization Frameworks, Standards, and Compliance Develo ping o rganizatio nal security is a daunting task. Yo u’re in an arms race with adversaries that are tenacio us and co nstantly o n the lo o ko ut f o r new explo its. Fo rtunately, no f irm is starting f ro m scratch—o thers have go ne bef o re yo u and many have wo rked to gether to create published best practices. There are several f ramewo rks, but perhaps the best kno wn o f these ef f o rts co mes f ro m the Internatio nal Organizatio n f o r Standards (ISO), and is bro adly ref erred to as ISO27k o r the ISO 27000 series. Acco rding to ISO.o rg, this evo lving set o f standards pro vides “a mo del f o r establishing, implementing, o perating, mo nito ring, reviewing, maintaining, and impro ving an Inf o rmatio n Security Management System.” Firms may also f ace co mpliance requirements—legal o r pro f essio nally binding steps that must be taken. Failure to do so co uld result in f ine, sanctio n, and o ther punitive measures. At the f ederal level, examples include HIP AA (the Health Insurance P o rtability and Acco untability Act), which regulates health data; the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act, which regulates f inancial data; and the Children’s Online P rivacy P ro tectio n Act, which regulates data co llectio n o n mino rs. U.S. go vernment agencies must also co mply with FISMA (the Federal Inf o rmatio n Security Management Act), and there are several initiatives at the o ther go vernment levels. By 2009, so me level o f state data breach laws had been passed by o ver thirty states, while multinatio nals f ace a gro wing number o f statues thro ugho ut the wo rld. Yo ur legal team and trade asso ciatio ns can help yo u understand yo ur do mestic and internatio nal o bligatio ns. Fo rtunately, there are o f ten f ramewo rks and guidelines to assist in co mpliance. Fo r example, the ISO standards include subsets targeted at the teleco mmunicatio ns and health care industries, and majo r credit card f irms have created the P CI (payment card industry) standards. And there are skilled co nsulting pro f essio nals who can help bring f irms up to speed in these areas, and help expand their o rganizatio nal radar as new issues develo p. Here is a wo rd o f warning o n f ramewo rks and standards: co mpliance do es no t equal security. Outso urcing po rtio ns security ef f o rts witho ut a co mplete, o rganizatio nal co mmitment to being secure can also be dangero us. So me o rganizatio ns simply appro ach co mpliance as a necessary evil: a so rt o f checklist that can reduce the likeliho o d o f a lawsuit o r o ther punitive measure.M. Davis, “What Will It Take?” Info rmatio nWeek, No vember 23, 2009. While yo u want to make sure yo u’re do ing everything in yo ur po wer no t to get sued, this isn’t the go al. The go al is taking all appro priate measures to ensure that yo ur f irm is secure f o r yo ur custo mers, emplo yees, shareho lders, and o thers. Framewo rks help shape yo ur thinking and expo se things yo u sho uld do , but security do esn’t sto p there—this is a co nstant, evo lving pro cess that needs to pervade the o rganizatio n f ro m the CEO suite and bo ard, do wn to f ro nt line wo rkers and po tentially o ut to custo mers and partners. And be aware o f the security issues asso ciated with any mergers and acquisitio ns. Bringing in new f irms, emplo yees, techno lo gies, and pro cedures means reassessing the security enviro nment f o r all players invo lved. The Heartland Breach On inauguratio n day 2009, credit card pro cesso r Heartland anno unced that it had experienced what was o ne o f the largest security breaches in histo ry. The P rinceto n, New Jersey, based f irm was, at the time, the natio n’s f if th largest payments pro cesso r. Its business was respo nsible f o r handling the transf er o f f unds and inf o rmatio n between retailers and cardho lders’ f inancial institutio ns. That means inf iltrating Heartland was like breaking into Fo rt Kno x. It’s been estimated that as many as 100 millio n cards issued by mo re than 650 f inancial services co mpanies may have been co mpro mised during the Heartland breach. Said the f irm’s CEO, this was “the wo rst thing that can happen to a payments co mpany and it happened to us.”R. King, “Lesso ns f ro m the Data Breach at Heartland,” BusinessWeek, July 6, 2009. Wall Street no ticed. The f irm’s sto ck tanked—within a mo nth, its market c...
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