43 billio n in 2001 to 183 billio n in 2011 in figure3

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Unformatted text preview: n’s wealthiest man and the wo rld’s richest f ashio n executive. The f irm tripled in size between 1996 and 2000, and then its revenue skyro cketed f ro m $ 2.43 billio n in 2001 to $ 18.3 billio n in 2011. In Figure 3. 1 August 2008, sales edged ahead o f Gap, making Inditex the wo rld’s largest f ashio n retailer.J. Hall, “Zara Is No w Bigger Than Gap,” Telegraph, August 18, 2008. Table 3.1 "Gap versus Inditex at a Glance" co mpares the two f ashio n retailers. While Inditex suppo rts eight Zara’ s op erat ions are brands, Zara is unquestio nably the f irm’s cro wn jewel and gro wth concent rat ed in Sp ain, engine, acco unting f o r ro ughly two -thirds o f sales.R. Murphy, but t hey have s t ores “Expansio n Bo o sts Inditex Net,” Wo men’s Wear Daily, April 1, 2008. around t he world like t hes e in Manhat t an and Shanghai. Table 3.1 Gap versus Inditex at a Glance Gap In d itex Revenue $14. 5 billion $833 million $2. 56 billion Number of Stores 3,248 5,527 Number of Countries 31 82 Biggest Brand Ga p Z a ra Number of Other Brands 4 7 Based in San Francisco, USA Arteixo (near La Coruña), Spain First Store Opened 1969 p ermis s ion from Indit ex . $18. 3 billion Net I ncome Source: Us ed wit h 1975 So urces: Year-end 2011 f igures f ro m http:/ / www.gapinc.co m, http:/ / www.inditex.co m, and http:/ / www.blo o mberg.co m. Why Study Zara? While co mpetito rs f alter, Zara is undergo ing o ne o f the f astest glo bal expansio ns the f ashio n wo rld has ever seen, o pening o ne sto re per day and entering new markets wo rldwide—seventy-seven co untries so f ar. The chain’s pro f itability is amo ng the highest in the industry.D. Sull and S. Turco ni, “Fast Fashio n Lesso ns,” Business Strategy Rev iew , Summer 2008. The f ashio n directo r f o r luxury go o ds maker LVMH calls Zara “the mo st inno vative and devastating retailer in the wo rld.”J. Suro wiecki, “The Mo st Devastating Retailer in the Wo rld,” New Yo rker, September 18, 20 0 0 . Zar...
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