But getting lo cally targeted designs quickly o nto

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Unformatted text preview: 5. While H&M has o f f ered lines by star designers like Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerf eld, as well as celebrity co llabo ratio ns with Mado nna and Kylie Mino gue, the Zara design staf f co nsists mo stly o f yo ung, hungry P ro ject Runw ay types f resh f ro m design scho o l. There are no prima do nnas in “The Cube.” Team members must be humble eno ugh to accept f eedback f ro m co lleagues and share credit f o r winning ideas. Individual bo nuses are tied to the success o f the team, and teams are regularly ro tated to cro ss-po llinate experience and enco urage inno vatio n. Manufacturing and Logistics In the f ickle wo rld o f f ashio n, even seemingly well-targeted designs co uld go o ut o f f avo r in the mo nths it takes to get plans to co ntract manuf acturers, to o l up pro ductio n, then ship items to wareho uses and eventually to retail lo catio ns. But getting lo cally targeted designs quickly o nto sto re shelves is where Zara really excels. In o ne telling example, when Mado nna played a set o f co ncerts in Spain, teenage girls arrived to the f inal sho w spo rting a Zara kno cko f f o f the o utf it she wo re during her f irst perf o rmance.“The Future o f Fast Fashio n,” Eco no mist, June 18, 2005. The average time f o r a Zara co ncept to go f ro m idea to appearance in sto re is f if teen days versus their rivals who receive new styles o nce o r twice a seaso n. Smaller tweaks arrive even f aster. If eno ugh custo mers co me in and ask f o r a ro und neck instead o f a V neck, a new versio n can be in sto res with in just ten days.J. Tagliabue, “A Rival to Gap That Operates Like Dell,” New Yo rk Times, May 30, 2003. To put that in perspective, Zara is tw elv e times f aster than Gap despite o f f ering ro ughly ten times mo re unique pro ducts!M. Helf t, “Fashio n Fast Fo rward,” Business 2.0, May 2002. At H&M, it takes three to f ive mo nths to go f ro m creatio n to delivery—and they’re co nsidered o ne o f the best. Other retailers need an aver...
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