In f all 2007 the f irms ceo unveiled an enviro

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Unformatted text preview: x to sto re racks, spending mo st o f their time o n value-added f unctio ns like helping custo mers f ind what they want. Ef f o rts like this help sto re staf f regain as much as three ho urs in prime selling time.C. Ro hwedder and K. Jo hnso n, “P ace-Setting Zara Seeks Mo re Speed to Fight Its Rising Cheap-Chic Rivals,” Wall Street Jo urnal, February 20, 2008; and K. Capell, “Zara Thrives by Breaking All the Rules,” BusinessWeek, Octo ber 9, 2008. Trucks serve destinatio ns that can be reached o vernight, while chartered cargo f lights serve f arther destinatio ns within f o rty-eight ho urs.K. Capell, “Zara Thrives by Breaking All the Rules,” BusinessWeek, Octo ber 9, 2008. The f irm recently tweaked its shipping mo dels thro ugh Air France–KLM Cargo and Emirates Air so f lights can co o rdinate o utbo und shipment o f all Inditex brands with return legs lo aded with raw materials and half -f inished clo thes items f ro m lo catio ns o utside o f Spain. Zara is also a pio neer in go ing green. In f all 2007, the f irm’s CEO unveiled an enviro nmental strategy that includes the use o f renewable energy systems at logist ics centers including the intro ductio n o f bio diesel f o r the f irm’s trucking f leet. Stores Mo st pro ducts are manuf actured f o r a limited pro ductio n run. While running o ut o f bestsellers might be seen as a disaster at mo st retailers, at Zara the practice delivers several benef its. First, limited runs allo w the f irm to cultivate the exclusivity o f its o f f erings. While a Gap in Lo s Angeles carries nearly the same pro duct line as o ne in Milwaukee, each Zara sto re is sto cked with items tailo red to the tastes o f its lo cal clientele. A Fif th Avenue sho pper quips, “At Gap, everything is the same,” while a Zara sho pper in Madrid says, “Yo u’ll never end up lo o king like so meo ne else.”K. Capell, “Fashio n Co nquistado r,” BusinessWeek, September 4, 2006. Upo n visiting a Zara, the CEO o f the Natio nal Retail Federatio n marveled, “It’s like yo u walk into a new sto re...
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