The p rada example o f f ers critical lesso ns f o r

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Unformatted text preview: co mmendatio ns o f matching accesso ries as well as similar pro ducts that patro ns might co nsider. Custo mers co uld check invento ry, and staf f wielding P DAs co uld do the same. A dressing ro o m camera wo uld allo w clients to see their f ro nt and back view side-by-side as they tried o n clo thes. It all so unded slick, but executio n o f the visio n was disastro us. Custo mers didn’t understand the f o o t pedals that co ntro lled the dressing ro o m do o rs and displays. Repo rts surf aced o f f ashio nistas disro bing in f ull view, thinking the walls went o paque when they didn’t. Others go t stuck in dressing ro o ms when pedals f ailed to wo rk, o r do o rs bro ke, unable to withstand the demands o f the high-traf f ic to urist lo catio n. The invento ry database was o f ten inaccurate, regularly repo rting items as o ut o f sto ck even tho ugh they weren’t. As f o r the P DAs, staf f repo rted that they “do n’t really use them anymo re” and that “we put them away so to urists do n’t play with them.” The investment in P rada’s in-sto re techno lo gy was also simply to o high, with estimates suggesting the lo catio n to o k in just o ne-third the sales needed to justif y expenses.G. Lindsay, “P rada’s High-Tech Misstep,” Business 2.0, March 1, 2004. The P rada example o f f ers critical lesso ns f o r managers. While it’s easy to get seduced by techno lo gy, an inf ormat ion syst em (IS) is actually made up o f mo re than hardw are and so ftw are. An IS also includes data used o r created by the system, as well as the pro cedures and the peo ple who interact with the system.A. Sanchenko , “Fo undatio ns o f Inf o rmatio n Systems in Business” (lecture, Octo ber 13, 2007), http:/ / m/ do c/ 396076/ Fo undatio nso f -Inf o rmatio n-Systems-in-Business. Getting the right mix o f these f ive co mpo nents is critical to executing a f lawless inf o rmatio n system ro llo ut. Financial co nsideratio ns sho uld f o recast the ret urn o...
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