And games and so cial apps based o n this inf o

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Unformatted text preview: d send it to their mo bile device o r e-mail acco unt. The gizmo ’s already in clinical trials f o r heart disease, hypertensio n, and tuberculo sis and f o r mo nito ring psychiatric illnesses.E. Landau, “Tattletale P ills, Bo ttles Remind Yo u to Take Yo ur Meds,” CNN, February 2, 2010. And a pill with built-in smarts can identif y itself to help guard against taking co unterf eit drugs, a serio us wo rldwide co ncern. P ills that chat with mo bile pho nes co uld help pro mo te telemedicine, bringing health care to hard-to -reach rural po pulatio ns. And games and so cial apps based o n this inf o rmatio n can pro vide mo tivating, f un ways to nudge patients into healthy habits. The CEO o f P ro teus Health says that so o n yo u may be able to think o f yo ur bo dy as “the ultimate game co ntro ller.”K. Ro zendal, “The Demo cratic, Digital Future o f Healthcare,” Sco pe, May 13, 2011. One o f the mo st agile surf ers o f this fifth w av e is Apple, Inc.—a f irm with a pro duct line that is no w so bro ad that in January 2007, it dro pped the wo rd “Co mputer” f ro m its name. Apple’s keen insight o n where trends in co mputing po wer and perf o rmance are headed is captured in this quo tatio n by the f irm’s co -f o under, the late Steve Jo bs: “There's an o ld Wayne Gretzky quo te that I lo ve. ‘I skate to where the puck is go ing to be, no t where it has been.’ And we’ve always tried to do that at Apple. Since the very very beginning. And we always will.”H. Mittchell, “Steve Jo bs Used Wayne Gretzky as Inspiratio n,” Lo s Angeles Times, Octo ber 6, 2011. The curves abo ve aren’t perf ect, but they can help managers see where the puck is headed, helping the savvy manager predict the f uture, plan f o r the impo ssible to beco me po ssible, and act as the disrupto r rather than the disrupted. Apple’s breako ut resurgence o wes a great deal to the iP o d. At launch, the o riginal iP o d spo rted a 5 GB hard drive that Steve Jo bs declared wo uld “put 1,000 so ngs in yo ur po cket.” Co st? $ 399. Less than six years later, Apple’s highest-capacity iP o d so ld f o r f if ty do llars less than the o riginal, yet held fo rty times the so ngs. By that time the f irm had so ld o ver o ne hundred f if ty millio n iP o ds—an ado ptio n rate f aster than the o riginal So ny Walkman. Apple’s high-end mo dels have mo rphed into Internet bro wsing devices capable o f sho wing maps, playing video s, and gulping do wn so ngs f ro m Starbucks’ Wi-Fi while waiting in line f o r a latte. The o riginal iP o d has also beco me the jumping-o f f po int f o r new business lines including the iP ho ne, Apple TV, iP ad, and iTunes. As an o nline sto re, iTunes is always o pen. ITunes regularly sells tens o f millio ns o f so ngs o n Christmas Day alo ne, a date when virtually all o f its o f f line co mpetitio n is clo sed f o r the ho liday. In a sho rt f ive years af ter its intro ductio n, iTunes has so ld o ver 4 billio n so ngs an...
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