Figure5 2 product s develop edbyfift hwavefirmambient

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Unformatted text preview: co st appliances designed to pro vide inf o rmatio n at a glance. These include the Ambient Umbrella, as well as usef ul little devices that grab and display data ranging f ro m spo rts sco res to f luctuating energy prices (so yo u’ll put o f f running the dishwasher until evening during a daytime price spike). The f irm even partnered with LG o n a ref rigerato r that can remind yo u o f an upco ming anniversary as yo u reach f o r the milk. Figure 5. 2 Product s develop ed by “fift h wave” firm Ambient Devices include t he weat her­reading Ambient Umbrella, t he Energy Joule, a s even­day forecas t er, and t he Orb lamp . Source: Us ed wit h p ermis s ion from Ambient Devices . Moore’s Law inside Your Medicine Cabinet Mo o re’s Law is abo ut to hit yo ur medicine cabinet, and several early-stage ef f o rts sho w the po tential f o r f if th-wave co mputing to impro ve healthcare quality while lo wering co sts. The Glo wCap f ro m Vitality, Inc., is a “smart” pill bo ttle that will f lash when yo u’re suppo sed to take yo ur medicine. It will play a little tune if yo u’re an ho ur late f o r yo ur do se and will also squirt a signal to a night-light that f lashes as a reminder (in case yo u’re o ut o f view o f the cap). Glo wCaps can also be set to call o r send a text if yo u haven’t respo nded past a set perio d o f time. And the device will send a repo rt to yo u, yo ur do c, o r who mever else yo u appro ve. The Glo wCap can even alert yo ur pharmacy when it’s time f o r ref ills. The bo ttles sell f o r as little as $ 10 but in so me cases are likely to be f ree. The business case f o r that? The Wo rld Health Organizatio n estimates drug adherence at just 50 percent, and analysts estimate that up to $ 290 billio n in increased medical co sts are due to patients missing their meds. Vitality CEO David Ro se (who incidentally also co f o unded Ambient Devices) recently cited a test in which Glo wCap users repo rted a 98 percent medicatio n adherence rate.D. Ro se, presentatio n as part o f “Fro m Disruptio n to Inno vatio n” at the MIT Enterprise Fo rum, Cambridge, MA, June 23, 2010. Figure 5. 3 The GlowCap from Vit alit y, Inc. , will flas h, beep , call, and t ex t you if you’ ve s kip p ed your meds . It can als o s end rep ort s t o you, your doct or, and your loved ones and even not ify your p harmacy when it ’ s t ime for a refill. Source: Us ed wit h p ermis s ion from Vit alit y, Inc. And there might also be a chip inside the pills, to o ! P ro teus, a No vartis-backed venture, has develo ped a senso r made o f f o o d and vitamin materials that can be swallo wed in medicine. The senso r is activated and po wered by the bo dy’s digestive acids (think o f yo ur sto mach as a battery). Once inside yo u, the chip sends o ut a signal with vitals such as heart rate, bo dy angle, temperature, sleep, and mo re. A waterpro o f skin patch picks up the signal and can wirelessly relay the pill’s f indings when the patient walks within twenty f eet o f their pho ne. P ro teus will then co mpile a repo rt f ro m the data an...
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