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Unformatted text preview: Wal-Mart, Wo rld’s Largest Retail Data Wareho use Gets Even Larger,” eWeek, Octo ber 13, 2004; and J. Huggins, “Ho w Much Data Is That?” Refrigerato r Do o r, August 19, 2008. Table 5.3 Bytes Def ined Man agerial Exact Defin itio n Amo u n t 1 Byte One keyboard character 1 Kilo b yte One To Pu t It in Persp ective 8 bits 1 letter or number = 1 byte 210 1 typewritten page = 2 KB (KB) thousand bytes bytes 1 One million 220 Megab yte bytes bytes (MB) 1 digital book (Kindle) = approx. 500—800 KB 1 digital photo (7 megapixels) = 1. 3 MB 1 MP3 song = approx. 3 MB 1 CD = approx. 700 MB 1 Gigab yte (GB) One billion bytes 230 bytes 1 DVD movie = approx. 4. 7 GB 1 Terab yte (TB) One trillion bytes 240 bytes Printed collection of the Library of Congress = 20 TB 1 Petab yte (PB) One quadrillion bytes 250 bytes eBay data warehouse (2010) = 10 PBC. Monash, “eBay Followup —Greenplum Out, Teradata > 10 Petabytes, Hadoop Has Some Value, and More,” October 6, 2010. Note eBay plans to increase this value 2. 5 times by the end of 2011. One 1 Exab yte quintillion (EB) bytes 260 bytes 1 One Zettab yte sextillion (ZB) bytes 270 bytes 1 Blu‐ray movie = approx. 25 GB Amount of data consumed by U. S. households in 2008 = 3. 6 Z B Here’s ano ther key implicatio n—if yo u are pro ducing pro ducts with a signif icant chip-based co mpo nent, the chips inside that pro duct rapidly f all in value. That’s great when it makes yo ur pro duct cheaper and o pens up new markets f o r yo ur f irm, but it can be deadly if yo u o verpro duce and have excess invento ry sitting o n shelves f o r lo ng perio ds o f time. Dell claims its invento ry depreciates as much as a single percentage po int in value each week.B. Breen, “Living in Dell Time,” Fast Co mpany, No vember 24, 2004. That’s a big incentive to carry as little invento ry as po ssible, and to unlo ad it, f ast! While the strategic side o f tech may be the mo st glamo ro us, Mo o re’s Law impacts mundane management tasks, as well. Fro m an acco unting and budgeting perspective, as a manager yo u’ll need to co nsider a number o f questio ns: Ho w lo ng will yo ur co mputing equipment remain usef ul? If yo u keep upgrading co mputing and so f tware, what do es this mean f o r yo ur capital expense budget? Yo ur training budget? Yo ur ability to make well-reaso ned predictio ns regarding tech’s directio n will be key to answering these questio ns. Tech for the Poor Nicho las Negro po nte, the f o rmer head o f MIT’s Media Lab, is o n a missio n. His OLP C (One Lapto p per Child) pro ject aims to deliver educatio n to children in the wo rld’s po o rest co mmunities via ultralo w-co st co mputing devices that the f irm has develo ped. The f irst o f f ering, the XO lapto p, co st less than $ 200, altho ugh a sub-$ 100 tablet is in the wo rks. The XO spo rts a rubberized keybo ard and entirely so lid-state design (f lash RAM rather than hard drive) that helps make the machine durable. The XO’s ultrabright screen is readable in daylight...
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